The European Cool Roof Council (ECRC) operates a rating program for the radiative properties (i.e. the solar reflectance and the infrared emittance) of roofing products. The purpose of the ECRC product rating program is to provide a uniform and credible system for rating and reporting the radiative properties of roofing materials. In the framework of this program, manufacturers and sellers have the opportunity to label roofing products with the measured values of their Initial Radiative Properties. These properties are determined and verified through testing by accredited/approved testing laboratories and a process of random testing of rated products. Any roofing product can be tested as long as it is in compliance with the specifications and requirements defined in the ECRC Product Rating Program Manual.

Rated products are granted the ECRC label and are published in the ECRC Rated Products Database on the ECRC website.

The ECRC believes that it is necessary to publish unbiased ratings for products to ensure consumers that the performance of the chosen technology has been verified. This is a key point particularly in cases where green building standards need to be satisfied (e.g. standards where the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value of the chosen roofing material may give additional points).

The ECRC product rating program does not specify minimum or target values for any radiative property.


Step One - obtaining unique company and product identification

Complete form ECRC-F-0 and send to ECRC so that your company can be given the following:

  • Unique ECRC identification number for the company
  • Unique product identification number


The completed form must be emailed to the ECRC secretariat: ecrc@coolroofcouncil.eu who will assign the unique identification numbers and send these back to you.

Step Two - submitting samples to be tested

  • You must select an Accredited or Approved Test Lab (ATL) from the ECRC website: https://coolroofcouncil.eu/rating-programme/#section5
  • The product specimens must be prepared according to the instructions given in the Section 4.1 of the ECRC product rating manual. Label each sample using the identification number provided according to the specifications described in Section 4.1
  • Complete Section A of the Initial Test Results Report form ECRC-F-1 and send it with the product specimens to your selected ATL by recorded delivery
  • Once all measurements have been carried out your Initial Test Results Report (form ECRC-F-1) will be sent back to you by the lab

Step Three - applying to have product rated by the ECRC and included in the ECRC Rated Products Database

In order to have your products rated and included in the Rated Products Database your must send the following to the ECRC secretariat by e-mail and recorded delivery at Energy Management in the Built Environment Laboratory, Environmental Engineering School, Technical University of Crete, Technical University Campus, Kounoupidiana, GR 73100 Chania, Greece.

  • Completed and signed Initial Product Rating Application form.
  • The completed Test Results Report (form ECRC-F-1) from the ATL for the roofing product to be ECRC accredited.
  • The appropriate application fee according to the information in the document Fee Structure (ECRC-H-3).
  • The name and contact information of the quality control manager(s) (to be filled in, in the initial product rating application (form ECRC-F-2) and, if available, a copy of current and valid ISO 9001 Quality management certificate.
  • One page instruction sheet on how to collect and/or prepare a sample in case the Rated Roofing Product is selected for random testing.
  • List with names and contact details of at least three contractors, customers or distributors from which ECRC can obtain random marketplace samples (ECRC-F-3).
  • A copy of the letter sent to 3 designated contractors, customers or distributors notifying them that they may be contacted by the ECRC for the collection of random samples for testing (ECRC-H-4).
  • Signed legal agreement with the ECRC (ECRC-L-2).

The ECRC will notify the applicant that it has received the application within one week.

Step four - Application approval: Posting on rated products database & label use

Upon acceptance and approval of the Product Rating Application by the ECRC upon its sole discretion (processing may take up from 1-3 months), the Roofing Product will be added to the online ECRC Rated Products database (which is updated a every 30 days, which is a mere indication) with initial ratings.

Upon posting to the online ECRC Rated Products database, Manufacturer or Sellers are authorized to print and use the ECRC Roofing Product Label with initial rating information according to the guidelines in the ECRC Product Rating Manual, the Agreement between the ECRC and the Manufacturer and Seller (ECRC-L-2) and the Guide: Using European Cool Roofs Council’s Labels WRITING AND TALKING ABOUT ECRC.



There are three different testing laboratory types accepted by the ECRC:

Accredited Independent Testing Laboratory: A testing laboratory that is accreditedby an Accreditation Organisation to test the Radiative Properties of Roofing Products and is completely independent from any Manufacturer or Seller. This laboratory is accredited to operate according to ISO 17025(2005) complying with the requirements described in the Manual; or

Accredited Manufacturer Testing Laboratory: A testing laboratory affiliated with a Seller or Manufacturer that is accredited by an Accreditation Organisation to test the Radiative Properties of Roofing Products. This laboratory is accredited to operate according to ISO17025(2005) complying with the requirements of described in the Manual; or

Approved Independent Testing Laboratory: An ECRC Approved Testing Laboratory is an independent testing laboratory, that has initiated the procedures for ISO17025 accreditation for at least one of the measurement methods for determining the radiative properties of roofing materials, that has received formal recognition by the ECRC for having demonstrated technical competency to perform specific types of tests, in accordance with the specifications and requirements described in this Manual. Only applicable for one year and only if at national level there is no other Accredited Laboratory to perform the specific type of measurement.

In order to become an ECRC accredited/ approved laboratory your organisation must complete the following steps and submit the following documents and fees to the European Cool Roofs Council:

  • Complete ECRC Laboratory Participation Application Form
  • Demonstrate certification under ISO-17025 and/ or capability to perform specific radiative properties measurements by providing:
    1. Copy of Accreditation Certificate (applicable to accredited testing laboratories)
    2. Evidence of certification by an ECRC Approved ECRC Approved Accreditation Organisation, complying with ISO 17011 (applicable to accredited testing laboratories)
    3. A listing of standards and test methods that the laboratory is accredited to perform. (applicable to accredited testing laboratories)
    4. A signed statement and documentation to indicate that it has started the ISO 17025 certification procedure and provide timescales for accreditation within that year (applicable to approved testing laboratories)
    5. Statement by the ECRC secretariat that the laboratory has successfully completed an ECRC Interlaboratory comparison (ILC) test (applicable to approved testing laboratories)
  • Sign a statement of independence (only applicable to independent test laboratories)
  • Sign the Accredited/Approved Testing Laboratory Agreement
  • Pay the ECRC the agreed fee (ECRC-H-3)
Document Accredited Independent Testing Laboratory Accredited Manufacturer Testing Laboratory Approved Independent Testing Laboratory
Accredited/Approved Laboratory Participation Application Form ECRC-F-4 ECRC-F-4 ECRC-F-4
Signed statement of independence ECRC-H-5 ECRC-H-5
ISO 17025 Accreditation Certificate X X
List of standards and test methods that the laboratory is accredited to perform X X X
Copy of application for the ISO 17025 accreditation X
Signed statement that the ISO 17025 process is in progress and schedule to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation within 1yr X
Statement by the ECRC secretariat that the laboratory has successfully completed an ECRC ILC test X
Accredited/Approved Testing Laboratory Agreement ECRC-L-1 ECRC-L-1 ECRC-L-1
Appropriate fees ECRC-H-3 ECRC-H-3 ECRC-H-3



Below is a listing of the Test Laboratories


Laboratory name Solar reflectance Infrared emittance
ASTM E903-12 ASTM C1549-09 ASTM C1371 EN 15976


Participating Accredited / Approved Testing Laboratories (ATLs) Laboratories
Contact information

Contact person: Prof. Alberto Muscio
Email: eelab@unimore.it
Tel. : +39-059-2056313
Address: EELab – Energy Efficiency Laboratory
Dip. Ingegneria “Enzo Eerrari”
Via Vivarelli 10 – 41125 Modena – Italy

Contact person: Associate Professor Margarita Assimakopoulou
e-mail: masim@phys.uoa.gr
tel. +302107276847
Address: Group Buildings & Environmental Studies Physics Dept., Division of Environmental Physics & Meteorology National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) Building of Physics – 5, University Campus 157 84 Athens Greece

Contact person: Maxime Doya
email: maxime.doya@plateforme-tipee.com
Tel: +00 33 6 13 85 15 88
Address: TIPEE Multi-scale test laboratory
Parc Atlantech -8 Rue Isabelle Autissier
17140 Lagord FRANCE

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