The European Cool Roofs Council was founded in 2011 to develop scientific knowledge and research in relation to a “cool roof” technology and to promote the use of cool roof products and materials in Europe, including developing a product rating programme for such products and materials.
The foundation of the ECRC was supported by the IEE Project COOL ROOFS a) (IEE/07/475/SI2.499428).

ECRC Value Proposition

The European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) is a non-profit European association whose initiatives are driven and paid for by its members. It is a voluntary organisation that brings value by promoting the benefits of cool roofing products to regulators, policy makers, consumers and other stakeholders.
The ECRC also intends to enable cool roof products to be identified through the creation of an accreditation scheme.



The (ECRC) advocates that Cool Roof products can make an important contribution to mitigate climate change, reduce the urban heat island effect and increase the sustainability of buildings.

For this reason, the ECRC promotes the certification of Cool Roof products and their use across Europe.
This is achieved through:

  • Developing and advocating sound science relating to cool roof materials for a range of building types in different European climates
  • Working with standards organisations to design accurate and credible methods for evaluating the radiative properties of roofing products
  • Promoting the benefits of Cool Roof products
  • Proactively engaging with stakeholders and developing partnerships throughout the value chain
  • Maintaining transparency and integrity in all our business relationships
The activities that the Association is carrying out in order to achieve its purposes and objectives are mainly as follows:
Research and study of “cool roof” technology, Production of information material relevant to “cool roof” technology in print, electronic or digital format, and the maintenance of an information resource on this topic Support to bodies, organisations, governments, the European Union on particular issues relevant to the “cool roof” technology and policy, Education of members, teachers, students, legislators and the general public on “cool roof” technology issues, Networking, connection and association with relevant organisations in and outside the European Union, Development of product rating standards concerning thermal and optical characteristics of roofing products.




ECRC has three major committees reporting to the Council’s elected Board of Directors. Each of those committees may have specific subcommittees or task forces to work on individual projects. The ECRC committees are:


To assist in getting the product approval scheme up and running quickly. Set test methods and procedures and bring them into line with European practices and legal requirements. Specify requirements for natural weathering and accelerated testing. Provide scientific information material relevant to “cool roof” technology.

Legal and Organisational

Propose options for ECRC Secretariat. Managing day-to-day running of the ECRC. Manage communications with stakeholders (internal and external). Work with ECRC Board and Committee Chairs to orchestrate activities and manage budgets.

Communication Committee

Charged to Increase awareness for the need of cool roofs across the European Union. Demonstrate and quantify the benefits of cool roofs clearly to all stakeholders. Drive adoption of cool roofs through awareness raising of target markets. Position the ECRC as the credible and trustworthy authority on cool roofs in Europe. Drive adoption of cool roofs through working with decision-makers to incentivize the use of cool roofs in the areas that will benefit most across Europe. Attract new members annually.

ECRC Board

The board of directors has the broadest powers to administrate and manage the Association within the limits of its purposes. Everything that is not expressly reserved to the general assembly is the competence of the board of directors.