Product Rating Programme

How can I rate a product

Step One – obtaining unique company and product identification

Complete form ECRC-F-0 and send to ECRC so that your company can be given the following:

  • Unique ECRC identification number for the company
  • Unique product identification number

The completed form must be emailed to the ECRC secretariat: who will assign the unique identification numbers and send these back to you.

Step Two – submitting samples to be tested

  1. You must select an Accredited or Approved Test Lab (ATL) from the ECRC website:
  2. The product specimens must be prepared according to the instructions given in the Section 4.1 of the ECRC product rating manual.
    1. Label each sample using the identification number provided according to the specifications described in Section 4.1
  3. Complete Section A of the Initial Test Results Report form ECRC-F-1 and send it with the product specimens to your selected ATL by recorded delivery
  4. Once all measurements have been carried out your Initial Test Results Report (form ECRC-F-1) will be sent back to you by the lab

Step Three – applying to have product rated by the ECRC and included in the ECRC Rated Products Database

In order to have your products rated and included in the Rated Products Database your must send the following to the ECRC secretariat by e-mail and recorded delivery at Energy Management in the Built Environment Laboratory, Environmental Engineering School, Technical University of Crete, Technical University Campus, Kounoupidiana, GR 73100 Chania, Greece

  1. Completed and signed Initial Product Rating Application form.
  2. The completed Test Results Report (form ECRC-F-1) from the ATL for the roofing product to be ECRC accredited.
  3. The appropriate application fee according to the information in the document Fee Structure (ECRC-F-3).
  4. The name and contact information of the quality control manager(s) (to be filled in, in the initial product rating application (form ECRC-F-2) and, if available, a copy of current and valid ISO 9001 Quality management certificate.
  5. One page instruction sheet on how to collect and/or prepare a sample in case the Rated Roofing Product is selected for random testing.
  6. List with names and contact details of at least three contractors, customers or distributors from which ECRC can obtain random marketplace samples (ECRC-F-3).
  7. A copy of the letter sent to 3 designated contractors, customers or distributors notifying them that they may be contacted by the ECRC for the collection of random samples for testing (ECRC-F-4).
  8. Signed legal agreement with the ECRC (ECRC-L-2).

The ECRC will notify the applicant that it has received the application within one week.

Step four – Application approval: Posting on rated products database & label use

  • Upon acceptance and approval of the Product Rating Application by the ECRC upon its sole discretion (processing may take up from 1-3 months), the Roofing Product will be added to the online ECRC Rated Products database (which is updated a every 30 days, which is a mere indication) with initial ratings.
  • Upon posting to the online ECRC Rated Products database, Manufacturer or Sellers are authorized to print and use the ECRC Roofing Product Label with initial rating information according to the guidelines in the ECRC Product Rating Manual, the Agreement between the ECRC and the Manufacturer and Seller (ECRC-L-2) and the Guide: Using European Cool Roofs Council’s Labels WRITING AND TALKING ABOUT ECRC.

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