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The European Cool Roof Council (ECRC) operates a rating program for the radiative properties (i.e. the solar reflectance and the infrared emittance) of roofing products. The purpose of the ECRC product rating program is to provide a uniform and credible system for rating and reporting the radiative properties of roofing materials. In the framework of this program, manufacturers and sellers have the opportunity to label roofing products with the measured values of their Initial Radiative Properties. These properties are determined and verified through testing by accredited/approved testing laboratories and a process of random testing of rated products. Any roofing product can be tested as long as it is in compliance with the specifications and requirements defined in the ECRC Product Rating Program Manual.

Rated products are granted the ECRC label and are published in the ECRC Rated Products Database on the ECRC website.

The ECRC believes that it is necessary to publish unbiased ratings for products to ensure consumers that the performance of the chosen technology has been verified. This is a key point particularly in cases where green building standards need to be satisfied (e.g. standards where the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value of the chosen roofing material may give additional points).

The ECRC product rating program does not specify minimum or target values for any radiative property.


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