Membership Application Process

General Information

The European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) comprises companies, research and academic institutes and individuals from Europe and abroad, that are active in the field of manufacturing, selling, marketing, research or promotion of Cool Roof products. The ECRC is a non-profit entity, duly incorporated under the laws of Belgium, governed by its bylaws and code of ethics. Its purpose is to develop scientific knowledge and research in relation to "Cool Roof" technology and to promote the use of Cool Roof products and materials in Europe, including developing a product certification program for such products and materials.

Membership Application Instructions

To apply for European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) membership:

  1. Please complete the attached Application Form and save it as pdf or print and complete it (including the two required signatures)
  2. Submit a Statement of Compliance showing that your organization has the processes in place to assist the
    promotion of the aims of the ECRC to include:
    1. Member statement of willingness to abide by the Code of Conduct
    2. Overview of Member interest in cool roofs
    3. Description of the ability of the Member to help the Council promote the benefits of cool roofs and an example of how the Member has achieved this in the past
    4. Overview of how the Member could help the Council promote any innovative legislation, codes, permits and standards, including application procedures, construction and planning permits to encourage cool roofs

Both documents must be returned to the ECRC Office at ECRC Membership Applications, Dreve du Pressoir 38, 1190, Brussels, Belgium by post. For faster processing you may opt to e-mail a fully scanned copy of your application form and statement of compliance to the ECRC secretariat nevertheless it is mandatory to also send your originally signed form by post.

Please type or print legibly and enclose a business card that will be placed into your permanent ECRC membership record. Partially completed application forms cannot be processed. A legally authorised person and alternate must sign the application form on behalf of the organization. The ECRC may also require additional documentation to verify status prior to processing.

The Membership Application Form constitutes a legally binding agreement. By completing the membership application, you and your organization agree to adhere fully to the ECRC bylaws and code of conduct/ethics. All new applications are submitted to the ECRC Board for processing and provided they are accepted by the Board, the applicant gains a probationary membership status that is to be ratified to full membership status by an upcoming European Cool Roof Council General Assembly. After approval by the ECRC Board a welcome email/letter announcing probationary membership status is sent to the applicant.


Benefits of ECRC Membership
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