What is a Cool Roof ?

Cool Roofs allow building owners, architects, civil engineers, energy consultants and policy makers to optimise the energy and environmental performance of a single building or an urban environment, depending on the use, design, environment and the surrounding climate.
Α Cool Roof minimises solar heat gain keeping roof surfaces cooler under the sun. This is due to the materials used, which both reflect the solar radiation (solar reflectance) and release the absorbed heat (infrared emittance).

A Cool Roofing product is characterised by higher solar reflectance in comparison to conventional roof materials of the same colour and high infrared emittance values.

Cool Roofing products can be applied to all types of roofs including those of residential buildings, apartment blocks, industrial structures, commercial buildings, hospitals, and offices.

The benefits of a Cool Roof products can be summarised as follows:

For building owners
  • reduce the energy required for interior cooling
  • reduce thermal stresses on the roof potentially improving system lifetimes
  • improve indoor thermal comfort
  • reduce running and maintenance costs

For policy makers

  • have a positive impact on the global environment by reducing the energy required for interior cooling and related greenhouse gas emissions
  • help to mitigate the urban heat island effect


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